Boot Camp- Day 8

Today we are adding a five minute sit up routine to our aerobic commitment and an herbal tea that cleanses. So far so good with everyone. The hardest thing for me by far is exercising six days a week! I think the kids would agree with me that the daily consistency of all the things we are trying to turn into habits is the hardest thing, but I guess that is the whole point. I mean, we already exercised weekly, just not six days a week. And we would each drink a green drink, just not everyday. The daily Bible reading is not hard because we have consistently read a Proverb a day for the past few uh..maybe decades. It is carving out 30 minutes to read out loud as a family that takes more effort and discipline. It means getting up quite a bit earlier to fit in reading and all of our drinks. And for me many nights it means staying up later to squeeze in the thirty minutes of aerobics. Whose idea was this, again? Day 8 and all is well.