Boot Camp- Day 5

Success then Failure

I'm not sure if this is a case of pride comes before a fall or just plain sick of boot camp. All in one week one of my junk food junkies celebrated a victory then a failure. First, upon joining some team mates in a hotel setting for an Academic World Quest Competition this child found himself surrounded by beautiful and temping sweets displayed in an alluring manner. To make it worse "all the sweets were free!" he groaned. Not partaking was pure misery, but will-power won the day and the whole family cheered for his victory.

Then a few days later the victor found himself at Ci Ci's Pizza voraciously devouring a pile steaming white dough draped with stringy cheese and piping red tomato sauce. After talking through the situation, the defeated soul was able to see that a boot camp is not simply about getting healthy, but also about growing strong character and discipline.

Being-strong willed for the right things and standing strong even when alone takes character. After a hug from mom, and the traditional fifty push-ups, he received a fresh start and went to work armed with a bag of healthy food and a positive attitude.