Boot Camp- Day 15

I am happy to announce that good habits are being formed. However one of our new habits caused me a bit of grief this morning. My little ones were ready for their morning green drink before I was available to make it. Being the helpful little person that he is my seven-year-old decided to concoct this green drink for his siblings. He dollopped the green powder into four small cups and then picked up the orange juice to mix with it. As he poured the juice, he became aware of a green cloud around floating his head. The puff floated to the ground and formed a carpet around his feet. He looked down to see his two-year-old brother wearing an innocent smile and dangling the empty green drink container from his fingers.

Trying to protect me from the misery of the mess, the boys poured water on the floor in order to mop it up. The green powder merged into a thick mud that seeped into the cracks in our tile and rolled to the farthest corners of the kitchen. They pulled every clean towel out of the kitchen drawers and crawled on their hands and knees chasing the sludge soaking their clothes in the process.

I am thankful for the new love of greens these boys have, I just wish they would wait for me to make the drinks for them.