Boot Camp- Day 3

The challenge on day 3 was our schedule. We had a packed day, then at 9pm we realized we had not done our aerobics!  The DVD was popped in the player, the furniture was pushed out of the way and the room was transformed into a gym. Everyone is encouraged by the next person. Any mess ups so far have been accidental, not intentional (even the chip.) I think at this point the kids know what we are doing and are somehow enjoying it. One thing I did not post is that each kid is supposed to be spending deliberate time every day on whatever their gifting is.. For instance, one of my girls is a natural artist, she will be an excellent artist with some disciplined practice. Another one loves to write music, but concentrated time will produce a better quality and even quantity of music. Right now I am listening to a few of them working on the tune to a song in the making. It is so sweet to hear them working together and enjoying each other as they grow in the disciple of hard work. Now we are on Day 4 and all is well.