The Favorite Gift

I pull the covers up to his chin; kiss him all over the face and say, “You are my very favorite Caden Truth in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.”
Smiling he finishes, “I’m a gift. God gave me to you.”
“Yes, He did! You are the very best gift a Mommy and a Daddy could ever receive. We dreamed about you. We wanted YOU! We hoped and prayed that God would give us a little boy JUST LIKE YOU and He did! We were so happy when you finally came.”
My four-year-old smiles and nods; it’s the same routine every night. I tell him how special he is and he finishes with any truths I may have left out. This ninth child of ours, as all of our children, has heard repeatedly how fearfully and wonderfully made he is and that he is valued and WANTED.
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