Redeeming Beauty in the Master Bedroom

Once upon a time my family was empty. Our beautiful mahogany front door revolved. Our over-sized house was a place to change clothes. Schedules overlapped and the calendar resembled a two-year-old’s scribble pad. My husband worked hard at our very successful dental practice by day, and even harder on a beloved hobby by night. Our marriage was void of intimacy. And our kids hurt.

My heart ached over the direction we were headed, and thankfully, my husband became weary of the pace, too. We had a home of individuals living individual lives with little family community and MUCH stress. So we did the only thing we knew to do in a last attempt to repair our mess. We canceled EVERYTHING.

We made our world small. Very small.

We moved from a mega church to a church consisting of less than 100 people. Stopped sports, pulled out of social commitments, and canceled meetings. We even sold our LARGE dental practice and took time off. We played checkers, watched four seasons of 24, and got reacquainted.

I believe our family would be just another statistic today if we had not made these hard decisions. The culture shock was UNREAL. Adjusting to our new, simple life took serious commitment and refocus. Fast forward ten years and the dentist, and I would not change one of those decisions. Our family has multiplied not only in people, but also in love, strength, unity, and effectiveness.

Our calendar is full again, but with more unity. Weekly dates for the hubs and me are penned in first, then family ministry, kid activities and social events. We know that successful marriages and strong families do not just happen. So we made a plan to succeed.

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