People Need People

Thanksgiving is over and I sit here pondering the glorious whirlwind week that is now a memory in a digital photo album. I’m not sure which part of Thanksgiving I relish more. I enjoy thumbing through new recipes with my girls and planning the menu, then there’s the guest list. Who should we add this year? How many tables will we set? Where should we seat the new guests, so they will have the best time?

How will we BEAUTIFY the tables? Will we need to buy new place mats or cloth napkins to give the array a new look? Oh the fun we have with EVERY DETAIL-- together—the girls and me.

Then there’s the actual day. Savory smells float around the house as busy daughters in aprons check on dishes in between fluffing couch pillows and lighting candles before the hungry guests arrive. The boys test taste EVERYTHING and warm up the outdoor toys.

Giving to others generates thankfulness in my family.

Pouring ourselves out to bless others FILLS our family with gratefulness for the gift of OTHERS.

People need people.

The day after our Thanksgiving, when we were filled to the brim with food and contentment, from having so many over for a beautiful meal and HOURS of visiting, the girls and I decided to Black Friday shop at an ungodly hour.

We were greeted with a surprise on our way...Read the rest of the story HERE