Raising a Brat: Step 4- Appease

We are only on Step 4 and Junior is well on his way to the point of No Return.

When he does NOT get his way and starts to embarrass you with his loud disapproval, shut him up by appeasing him.

GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS, for Pete’s sake!!

Appeasing him will make him accustomed to getting his own way, which will result in a life of discontentment.

And a discontent soul is a tortured one.

Always wanting for more...

Never Satisfied...

Grasping for what cannot be attained...

Clasping for what is out of reach

Irritable, dissatisfied, miserable, discontent...           

Little does he know that receiving a firm “NO!” is truly what his soul craves.

Hide this secret by APPEASING him. Protect him from the character that a good struggle produces. The easier you try to make his life the more self focused he will be and the LESS you will care to be around him, so NEGLECT him by avoidance.

Keep him shallow, dissatisfied and self-absorbed. He will be a feeble soul always searching. The selfish brat is being made.

Ecclesiastes 2:14, “The wise person has his eyes in his head, but the fool walks in darkness…”