Raising a Brat: Step 1- Out of the Blocks

The good new is that you can start when your child is an infant. There’s no need to wait! In fact the earlier you start, the greater your efforts will stick.

Since the first 18 months sets the child’s emotional wiring, you will want to get busy as soon as Junior is born. So let’s get started:

1) First play chaotic hard rock music. The disorder will scramble Junior’s mental wiring and make him a nervous wreck.

2) Then be sure to scream and yell at your spouse. This is a sure way to upset your child’s tummy in a way that will make him a cranky, fussy, whiney child.

3) Set your infant in front of a blaring TV. 

Gastrointestinal upsets and emotional fragility are making their homes in the core of your child’s being.

He will grow into a nervous wreck that becomes self-indulgent... SIMPLY because his emotional state can care for no other but himself. His life’s focus will be to become PAIN FREE emotionally and physically.

You are off to a SMASHING start!