10 Easy Steps to Raising Your Very Own Selfish Brat!

Let’s have some fun in September. Bookstores and libraries hold shelves upon shelves of parenting books. (None of them authored by me.) Advice is cheap.

Everyone has a definite opinion.

But here’s the deal: I have ten kids and EACH IS SO DIFFERENT! 

Photo Credit to Desktoppub
Having kids messes up the rulebooks! Trust me!

I have AMAZING KIDS and I am ridiculously PROUD of mine, but no pat formula works across the board. My husband and I seek the Word and pray through daily decisions concerning each one of ours: young and old.

(And I greatly encourage you to do the same since we only get one chance to raise the incredible kids God gives us.)

So rather than giving you 10 Sure Fire Steps to Raising GREAT KIDS…that might fail you...

I am going to tell you how to mess them up! This is MUCH EASIER to accomplish.

We'll have fun.

I will speak of your “boy” to keep the writing simple, but the steps given should ruin either gender—

No worries.

So join me in September for:

10 Easy Steps to Raising Your Very Own Selfish Brat!