Day 5- One Step at a Time

I have been blessed with ten amazing children. But I didn’t wake up one day and just have a house full of beautiful bouncing babies. God built our family slowly one child at a time. He stretched my husband and me along the way teaching us to invest our time and energy into these souls. It’s a good thing God did not give us all ten children at once, we would have been overwhelmed and discouraged with the insurmountable task of raising our children properly. God in His wisdom grows us one step at a time. Likewise, build your new healthy habits one step at a time giving yourself time to adjust and grow with these changes. Slow and steady gets the job done more thoroughly than a crash diet. Today is your Five Good Habits marker. You are building momentum. 

1) Don’t Eat Late.
2) Drink more water.
3) Commit to taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
4) Schedule a brisk walk 30-45 minutes long (at least 3 times a week.)
5) Eat a salad everyday.

Physical Challenge: Eat more salad. Eat one every day. Make sure your salad consists mostly of vegetables and not chips, beans, meat and cheese. (Or make yourself a mini vegetable tray and crunch away.)

Spiritual Challenge: Get up thirty minutes earlier than usual to spend time reading your Bible and journaling your prayers. This practice will strengthen and encourage your spirit, which is more important than any physical habit we add.