A Birthday Tradition

The morning lingers behind the night sky, but our dining room hustles and bustles with the clinging of dishes and ringing of laughter as if it was an evening meal. More than a decade ago our family initiated a family tradition of early morning birthday breakfasts. It consists of me (Terri) rolling out of bed before the rest of the family in order to prepare a feast to remember. This is the point I am eternally grateful for convenience foods such as premade sausage patties, frozen blueberry pancakes, hash browns and other yummy, convenient breakfast foods. I don’t want to give you the wrong impression, though. Not only do I rely on convenience foods for this tradition, but my ‘roll’ out of bed in the dark is not a ‘pop roll, but it is more like slow, ‘slide roll’ off the bed. The kitchen light and a nice cup of hot tea finish waking me and then quiet as a mouse I cook the breakfast foods of the celebrated family member in the wee morning hours before the sun rises.

The table is set the night before by the girls with beautiful dishes, and the birthday place setting is surrounded with homemade birthday notes consisting of cards with crayon scribbles by the little ones, funny poems, and sweet words written for the special birthday one by the older family members.

Some of the kids are carried to the table by Daddy and given a sip of orange juice and a promise that they will enjoy the breakfast once their sleepy eyes adjust.  This tradition is not necessarily easy, but it is decisively worth it--once fully awake.

Today we celebrated our third born son, Jonathan Grey. Sixteen years have flown by like a cool summer breeze. Grey is simply a pleasant person and he makes others feel comfortable and welcome. “How can I help you?” is often on his lips and “Happy to do it,” is his response. Grey is a blessing to our family and to those who know him. I am so thankful God ‘knit him together’ be our son. We are blessed beyond measure to call him ours.

                                 Happy Birthday, Grey! 
                        We love you!