Mondays with Madeleine

Setting Goals!
Achieving anything worth-while always starts with setting a goal; creating a high standard; deciding to “raise the bar”; making a commitment, etc, etc… No matter what you call it, goal setting is the first step to changing or improving any part of your life. Many of us make New Year Resolutions, but before the end of the year most of the commitments made have already been broken. It takes effort to reach a goal!!! (If it doesn’t than it obviously wasn’t that high of an aspiration anyway!) Let’s use jogging as an example: It takes more than just SAYING you will jog everyday to actually get up early and jog. It takes discipline! Oh no! I said the “d” word! :D Haha. Discipline seems to be foreign these days (at least with the teenagers)… Following through on the hard things in life is tough! However, when your goal has been attained you realize how worth it the exertion and commitment was. How many times have you felt that astounding emotion of completeness after reaching a goal?
The goals we set should be worth the hard work. Taking care of our bodies through healthy diets and exercising are good examples. There are, however, even greater and more ETERNAL ambitions to pursue; one being encouraging others. Whether they’re family, friends, or the blue haired cashier, everyone enjoys a crazy smile and enthusiastic hello. (Don’t go toooo overboard though;-)) One of the best goals to everrrr set though is that of memorizing scripture. God’s Word is eternal, completely true (2 Timothy 3:16), and provides wisdom and guidance for your everyday life. My goal this year is to memorize Proverbs. The Lord will provide the strength if you commit to memorizing His word.
Remember, make your goal reasonable. Goals are like shoes. They need to be just right for you or they won’t “fit”. If you set an impossible standard for yourself and completely flop you might never want to try again! :D It’s happened to all of us, I’m sure. Reminds me of last year…Now this wasn’t exactly unreasonable, but I remember after “partying” with another family over New Years I was exhausted! Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem, but I had just decided I wanted to commit to exercise every morning at 7… Oh boy! (This is especially hard for a night owl!) It just happened that I was going to be starting on a Saturday!!!! I remember on that VERY FIRST MORNING sleeping in till 9!!! Talk about starting off on the wrong foot! :D
Our commitments should not be too overwhelming or it’ll be like that time I tried to “diet”, but messed up so ate all the chocolate in the house out of mere frustration. :P After deciding what your commitments will be, grab your calendar and pencil in what that will mean on a day to day basis. For me- to memorize Proverbs this year- I decided to memorize three verses a day. It is simple and yet it accomplishes a lot. Momma always says, “slow and steady gets the job done.” So true!!!!
So… how are your goals? Do they need to be brushed off and re-energized? Or maybe you need to set some? Either way, it’s a brand new day! And the start of a new week!!! :D Love you all! Happy Monday everyone!