My Favorite Holiday

Jesus is living and we celebrated ALL day!
We started our day with fun Easter baskets and (here comes a confession)...Being the impatient chocolate lover that I am, I ate the arms off the baby's chocolate cross before I gave it to him, thinking he wouldn't notice. Well HE did not! But the older kids DID and since they were aghast, they might always refer to this year as "The year mom ate the arms off Caden's cross!"
Hopefully I will be a better example next year :-)
After breakfast we went to our wonderful church where Caden enjoyed the praise music by staring at my face and sticking his hands in my mouth. I love babies (and church)!!
After church we went to the park where we ate and played and ate and played some more. The kids hunted eggs and had a three legged race. We all had an egg toss, threw the frisbee, and just hung out. I love Resurrection Day!! Happy Easter!!