A Story to Tell Over and Over

"Mom, tell me a story." As a mother of many, I hear those words all the time and that is the way God designed it. After He (God) parted the Jordan making a way for his people to enter the long awaited Promise Land, He told Joshua to set up twelve stones that would serve as a reminder of what He did. Throughout generations children would look at the large stones piled on top of each other and they would ask, "Why are those stones there? Tell me the story."
The stones were put in an open place to cause conversation between parents and children. God loves a good story with pictures. When we place a cross in our yard this weekend, our children will ask, "Why is that cross there, Dad? Tell me the story, Mom." And the true story of Easter will be told again. Children never tire of stories, so keep providing the right conversation starters in your home.
Joshua 4