Don't Put It Down...PUT IT UP!

Whose is this?

Why is this here?

Pick this up!

Is this trash?

These rattlings fall out of my mouth more than I care to admit. When an item does not have a CERTAIN home, it is more likely to sprawl in the open...making me sound like a broken record.

Drives me NUTS!!

 It’s a CONSTANT battle that we’ll eventually WIN…I’m determined, but it requires that purging process we’ve talked about.

I know HOW to keep a home neat, clean and organized, but that does not mean it always happens. Life is the only consistent happening around here. When I make this next confession you may NEVER read another word I write. You may gasp, shut the computer, find another mom blog to read, or write me an instructional, heplful note... But since confession is good for the soul…I'll risk it…

Read the confession HERE.