Politics and Mashed Potatoes

“I think God is calling me to run for State Rep--Please pass the potatoes.”


My husband knew that my first response would be “Absolutely NOT! We are in the middle of raising ten kids!!” that is why he wisely presented his case at the family dinner table—our safety zone. The older kids burst into conversation, throwing out different opinions at once. The little ones observed not daring to interrupt the interesting rush of words that exploded onto the scene in between, “May I have more tea?” and “Please pass the potatoes.”

Needless to say after much conversation and many prayers, our family decided that if God was calling Daddy to run for office, God was calling all of us. My husband would not fight for our rights and freedoms alone. We would get behind him in every way to help change our culture.

So our home school wears a new face during this season. Our home school is not on hold, nor has it been moved to a slower pace as some would say, it has rather temporarily changed its focus. Afternoon reading has been replaced with hours of phone calls to the constituents in our district. Evenings are devoted to walking the streets and knocking on doors together. 

It turns out that the very reason I had to keep us out of politics is the very reason we decided to jump in with both feet. Campaigning as a family is teaching the kids important life skills and growing us together. Our county has never been in worse shape and if we don’t do something then who--If not now, then when?

Could there be a better home school lesson than teaching our children good citizenship through active political involvement? My husband and I hope to raise socially responsible kids that put action behind their convictions. These qualities cannot be gained from a textbook. We understand that seatwork in our home school is essential in order for persuasive speeches and informative articles to flow from their pens, but the fieldwork is every bit as pertinent. I know without a doubt our children are growing in maturity as they meet individuals in our community and rehearse our convictions aloud pointing them to their daddy's website for more information, and it is maturity within the person  that will help one rise to the occasion faster than a stack of completed text books.

We are experiencing in our home that giving kids both seatwork and fieldwork makes for a more well rounded person and that means it’s OK when the seatwork is not on the agenda five days a week. Running for office is not toppling our home school and messing up our schedule, it is adding a new dimension to it and providing important life lessons for the kids.