Bonin Beginner Boot Camp

It is time for change in our house. It is time to turn up the heat on our flesh and snap to it in areas that need attention. We, as a family, are doing our own boot camp for 40 days. It will seem remedial to some of you, but we just need to get back to the basics in some daily disciplines. It is simple but needed.

Week 1- Daily Nutrition Goals
Eat a salad meal
Eat fresh fruit
Take supplements
Water- (instead of junk drinks)

30 minutes aerobic 6 days a week (playing in the yard counts)

 Bible Reading aloud with family daily
1 journal entry in prayer journal
We are not only adding the fruits and vegetables but we will (hopefully) abstain from fried fast food and sugary coffee drinks during the boot camp. Each week I will add to the above list until we are thoroughly back on track.
Join us!!