A Not So Typical Day

In case you haven’t noticed, the Call Moms are posting a peek into our homes. Quite frankly, I don’t FEEL like letting you peek into my home, right now.

Ever been there?

My girls and I have baked hundreds of cookies, made mounds of fudge, cooked buckets of spicy pretzels, prepared 16 party bags for a birthday party we’re hosting this week, and all this on top of our usual schedule of laundry, meals, home schooling, outside sports and the other Christmas traditions we practice.

I’m tired.


Worn out.

Today is the first day of our Christmas Break and this is what we’re doing…

Morning: I sit in my chair typing this post wearing one of my husband’s over sized t-shirts, yoga pants with no make-up on…not fit to answer the door bearing my man’s name. I woke up early this morning as usual, but felt paralyzed to putting on real clothes.

I pour my hot tea, read my bible, feed the little ones and snuggle back into my reading chair.

The kids scattered to do their own thing leaving the kitchen half way clean…Interpretation…MOSTLY DIRTY.

Late Morning: A few of my off spring are fly down our hill in the backyard on a skateboard barefooted and helmet-less. I pray the ER is not in our future.

The baby naps and a few daughters clean out a closet. I have declared today a NOTHING DAY for us. I’m boycotting EVERYTHING.

Eating yummy food, reading for pleasure, and taking a nap are on my agenda.

The End.

Our usual structured days are organized chaos; even though this day is an official
rest day, it’s still organized chaos in a way.

Afternoon: No one broke any bones flying down the hill. Everyone’s hungry. I let the kids make their own lunches and the older ones feed the younger ones, too.

I’m feeling better... due to my boycott.

The baby is awake now and has successfully emptied 3 lower cabinets in the kitchen and pulled out 2 drawers of toys in the schoolroom. Everyone steps over the messes.

No one feels like cleaning today. We run a tight ship during the school year and the whole crew needs this break.

Evening: The dogs bark LOUDLY and kids holler like Santa’s on the scene, I know my dentist is about to walk through the door by their excitement. I quickly run a brush through my hair, and put something on my lips to show him I care.

He survives the bouncing barrier of dogs and kids; generously passing out tickles and kisses before I get to him.

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