Soul Shaping Moment 14-- The Boys Part

Momma can’t do everything…and she should NOT! Family members are cheated out of important life training skills, when momma does all the chores. In our home after dinner, the male gender is responsible for clearing the dishes, returning the placemats to their shelf, and wiping down the table.

Each male from Daddy down to the 3-year-old takes part in this job. Being of the competitive nature, they make a race of it or sometimes a game, but each one of them helps. They would tell you that misery loves company, but by the sound of the laughter, I say they LOVE working together.

Photo Credit to Blgger
My husband and I chose this job for the boys in consideration of their future families. We want our daughters-in-love to THANK US for raising considerate husbands.

So the girls sit a few minutes longer while the boys clear the table.

Soul Shaping Challenge: Let your young ones HELP. They will beam with pride (the good kind) as you trust them to help with a BIG JOB. 

Train your older ones to say thank you for a meal, by clearing the table and restoring it to it’s before the meal look. Diligence is once again exercised during this clean up process and gratefulness is shown.