The Looney Farm

I just escaped the loony farm. Let me explain:  I find myself in need of a weekend away. I can't seem to get ahead or even caught up. With a splitting headache I lay in bed and rehearse the list...never the list of what I have accomplished, but always the list of what is left undone. The list towers over me like a laughing giant: Campaigning details loom, unwritten articles haunt, an over stuffed closet screams to be reorganized.

I need a change of scenery...BAD!

So I crawl into bed on this Sunday afternoon, throw the covers over my head and instruct everyone in listening distance, "Do not disturb me!" Three hours later, after a needed nap, I still feel out of sorts. A sinus head ache does not help my disposition and tears threaten to fall.

"Lord, I need you," I pray.

I throw the covers off and put my walking shoes on. If a three hour nap isn't the cure maybe a brisk walk off the edge the earth will help, I bemoan.

To anyone listening I holler, "I'll be back."


I hope.

The door slams and the warm afternoon greets me like an old friend. It's been too long. The great outdoors is what I have needed. There is  something ... Rejuvenating. Refreshing. Reassuring about the  soft wind on my face and sweet sound of birds singing. I'm only a few steps from my house and the outside begins to clear my mind. Briskly I walk and pray. Think and organize. The cob webs leave my head and my spirit is lifted.

I have accomplished a great deal over the last few weeks. Yes, there is still much to do, but there will always be a list. God is faithful. He shows me his hand in my life. He reminds me that He is gently leading me. I need Him. He has ordained my days and He will complete the important work with or without me. He is faithful and I can rest in Him.

Today I will enjoy my ordained day of rest. The list can wait until tomorrow.