Mondays with Madeleine

Life in a Hotel I live on the 11th story of a hotel. Yes, I live here. Okay, no, it is no longer an active hotel- Telling you I have room-service and life is all fluffy for me would be like telling you I have a leprechaun named Joe in my closet… It just isn’t true… BUT it is a hotel. *Read my clarification at the bottom:-)* Thirty-year-old elevators, a service elevator (which I despise going in - it's a death in a box), a massive commercial kitchen (that I get to help in!), a beautiful lobby, and lots and lots of...chores... Why do I live here? I am serving a ministry called the Institute in Basic Life Principles for a short time. Let me show you around...
SNOW! Now that isn't something I can't enjoy in Houston
...The entrance to a happy place:D...
Small portion of the Lobby
A VERY dreary snowy day Our vertical transportation;-)
My quaint apartment

My apartment being quaint again;-);-) Pretty much all of us were having nervous breakdowns;-) Teaching outside Sunday School for ages 3-8 The nursery with PRECIOUS little ones! They love the same book...over, and over, and over:D Some of the inter-city kids I work with:)
Being at ITC has taught me so much! I have definitely been busy with all the duties here... I have learned how to put on large conferences from the setting of tables in the beautiful ballroom, to preparing food for large crowds. I have spent many, many, hours setting up our dining halls for banquets, conferences, fundraisers, and more. We start with crisp, white, ironed table clothes. Then we place the the floral arrangements in the center of the table. The creamers are shaped into the form a flower and placed strategically on the tables. Next the china and silverware is set down and the elaborately folded napkins are laid in the center of the plates. Math is used in figuring out how to perfectly space the tables and the items on the tables.It takes long hours to get every DETAIL perfect! I had know idea how much work went into a banquet until I worked one!
As for helping in the kitchen, Andrew our culinary chef, has taught me how to slice and dice all kinds of fruits and vegetables like a professional. Considering I used to not be able to cut without fearing for the life of my fingers, this is an awesome thing;-) When I am not running around like crazy doing those things you might just find me at the front desk manning the phones and greeting guests during busy times.
I spend my Friday nights with kids from the community teaching bible stories, verses, playing games, and of course, making crafts!
Two Sunday mornings a month I have been given the opportunity to teach Sunday school to the children of a small church near ITC. I am so grateful to be able to share my greatest joy, Jesus, with those kids.
Now, if you are trying to find me, and I am not in any of the places or doing any of the things I have already mentioned then you might check the nursery I work in every Sunday night. While adults are in choir practice I get to watch their adorable children. It's always a highlight of my week:)
In my spare time, I have become the best bed-making, blanket folding, toilet cleaning, and shower scrubbing babe in the north! Who knew that serving God here would mean doing a lot of the things I already did at home?!
Currently, since we have sold the building, I am now helping collect 210 twin size blankets, sheets, comforters, and pillows to send to the Nashville Training center. It's sad packing these items up, since this place holds so many wonderful memories. But, I know Jesus knows what He is doing!
Since I do happen to be working towards my college degree right now, I study in between all my activities. And thats it... That is what life is like when I am in Indianapolis. :D
Here is my clarification: I confuse many people when I say I live in an apartment at IBLP Headquarters in Chicago, but then talk about my wonderful times in Indianapolis... Let me make this clear for everyone, I DO live in Chicago...HOWEVER, for seven weeks last year and now for two months this year, I have had the huge blessing of staying at the IBLP Indianapolis Training Center (ITC). The ITC used to be a hotel, but when the ministry bought it they no longer used it as a "normal" hotel, but they hold events here, use it to host families in their ATI homeschooling program during events, and other things. So yeah. That is a very small itybitty piece of info on ITC.... I am moving back home to Texas (from CHICAGO) in May. Thats it for my clarification:-D