From Colic to College

I changed his diaper and the next thing I knew he was changing his address.

The story isn’t quite that strange, but the morning I watched my oldest man-child drive off to pursue college and work in another state, THAT is how I felt.

Where did the time go?

I rocked and bounced this man-child through 18 months of colic and believe it or not, I never wanted out.

{He was my baby}

And the day the chubby little one smeared red lipstick all over the bathroom counters and carpets, I did not long for a Mother’s Day Out program to rescue me. I adored him.

{He was my toddler}

Then as a young boy we labored over phonograms and math drills at the kitchen table, while the school bus whizzed by and we never looked up.

{He was my full time student}
{{Growing in his sleep}}

When he was a teen, our home became a revolving door for his friends. The sounds of laughter and the constant feeding of the herd hid the metamorphosis occurring under my nose.

{{The boy was becoming a man}}

Then one day our family spent the afternoon in a park taking pictures. Limping back to the car in my high heels, my man-child scooped me up from behind and said,

“It’s my turn mom. I’ll carry you.”

And I realized my man-child was more

than child.

And I cried myself to sleep that night because one day I changed his diaper
and the next day he changed his address.