One Moment at a Time: Soul Shaping

Our kids pass through our homes in what seems like the blink of an eye when they are twenty, yet what feels like an eternity when they are little. Mounds of chores laugh at us while we gasp for breath in between.

We just want to love on our kids...but we feel desperate. So many moms feel desperate during their children’s younger years. I just want each of you who feel desperate to know that you are not alone. The work can be over whelming and seem like a job for Superwoman, but I promise you God has a plan and a purpose for all the jobs He has for us to do.

This summer I had the privilege of speaking at a Women’s Conference on Nurturing the Modern Day Family. A few of the moms stayed late and asked for step by step instructions on some daily activities that will shape the souls of their children. Being a practical girl myself, I appreciate step-by-step instructions.

So this month I am simply going to give you a peek into our home. Loving my husband and shaping the souls of my children is my career. Hopefully you will get some ideas to use with your own family. 

Each family is unique and I firmly believe we should NOT copy cat each other, but it is OK for us to get ideas from one other. Follow me as I follow Christ, but don't try to do everything exactly like me. 

The little details of how we run our homes will be different, but the goal the same: to have strong, loving relationships with our family members and to be good time managers as we empower our husbands and kids to succeed in their life's callings.

This is how it will work: I will unfold the flow of one day in our home over the course of the month of August. Think of it like the show 24—The show takes an entire year to complete 24 hours. I will take one month to complete one typical summer day. I will unfold the “what” and “why” of what I do. (The “how” might come later.)

At the end of each post I will give a soul shaping challenge:

I would love to hear from you at this point. Your feedback. Your ideas. How you do it. A peek into your home.

So join me this month for:  One moment at a time: Soul Shaping.~ Terri