A Tapestry of Love

(Written by Terri /Published in Seeing the Everyday January 2012)

A series of moments weaves time into the tapestry of our lives. Most of these moments consist of mundane and regular tasks, and then there are those special moments that weave sentiment and gratefulness into one's soul. My parents modeled the act of giving special moments throughout my childhood by providing evenings around the piano singing hymns in four part harmony, or around the kitchen table playing cards with close family friends--special meals and surprise birthday parties are the memories that make up the threads in my tapestry.

Now that I am a mom, I appreciate in a new light the well-planned special moments that weave through my life, and I value the same experiences for my children. My parents live out of town and unfortunately we don't see them as often as we would like, so when they surprised us the week of our seventh daughter's birthday, the kids bounced off the walls with delight!

Poppy, my dad, came through the door bearing a heavy-laden, beautifully wrapped present--and Mimi a bag of goodies. Even though it was Laura-Kate's birthday, the rest of the kids would receive goodies as well. It is the way of grandparents. After the little presents were dispersed among the un-birthday children, Poppy and Mimi surprised Laura-Kate with a dainty cobalt blue china tea service. With great excitement Laura-Kate dreamed aloud of all the tea parties she would give with her 'favorite gift.'

Immediately the birthday girl draped a delicate tablecloth over the coffee table and set a tea party for four in the center of the den transforming the area into an elegant Tea Room.

After the table was prepared she joined Poppy in the kitchen where he pulled out various ingredients to prepare a tea party to remember. Mimi tied the frilly apron made especially for Laura-Kate around her waist, and the cooking began. Pimento cheese sandwiches seared in butter on the stovetop were flipped in the pan, while the birthday girl placed dollops of blackberry jam on clear glass plates. Petite pickles were added for color. The celebration was ready.

Around the little table the party of four laughed over corny jokes and struck crazy poses for the camera. The sandwiches were eaten and sweet memories were fashioned that Sunday afternoon.

Poppy and Mimi made a conscience effort to give Laura-Kate a gift to remember. The tea set may chip, break or even disappear in the back yard eventually, but the memories formed that afternoon among two loving grandparents and a granddaughter will last a lifetime. Special moments that take effort and time are worth the beauty they weave into the lives of others.I'm thankful for the tapestry of love my parents are weaving through another generation.