This Week by Annalise (age 11)

Beau (8)and Laura-Kate (6) opened up a “restaurant” called the “White Swan" this week. They named it that because the restaurant down the street is called the Black Swan. Of course I cook all the food for it because none of them know how. But I do enjoy doing it. The restaurant is in the gazebo in the backyard. They put our white little school table in there, and the rug we used to have in the girls room, then they decorated it with candles and miscellaneous items they found around the house. Below is a picture of the restaurant staff.
They are saving the money for a kid’s jeep or walkie-talkie watches. But of course they will be giving some money to me :-). Their last customers were Mom and Dad. (Yes, even family members have to pay). I made a salad of mixed up greens, chicken salad, and nuts. Then for their desert I made the chocolate molten cake in the magazine “Woman’s Day”. It turned out beautiful. Just like the picture. I don’t know why I was surprised. I'm not sure why we did not take pictures of the food before it was gone.

I baked a lot this week. I made Pita pockets, the chocolate molten cake, home made chocolate syrup, (I like chocolate :-) and a molasses cake. I just made that a couple minutes ago. I am thinking of making some bread tomorrow. If it doesn’t warm up soon, we are going to be rolling around this house! The restaurant is closed while it is cold outside.

Laura-Kate carrying mom's tea to the gazebo.