What would life be like if Mom only had two kids?

By Madeleine - age 16

The thought of my family only being made up of Ethan, me, Dad, and Mom, is, well, disturbing. Remember though, this is coming from a girl who has always been accustomed to a sweet home life, filled with laughter, joy, and many messes.

1) I wouldn't have the most adorable four-year-old brother in the world -lovingly called Pickles- sworn to be my best friend my whole life. Even when I am "old and a Mommy" he says.

2) Mom and Dad would be deprived of the dozens of hugs and kisses and "I love you's" the kids give them everyday. Can you imagine going a whole day without a two-year-old boy grabbing hold of you, giving you a slobbery kiss, and saying "I wuv wou"

3) Also, I would be selfish little brat. How do I know this? Because it has been my little siblings my entire life that have continually pressed out those selfish its-all-about-me attitudes.

4) Our house would already be empty because Ethan and I have already moved out and are spreading our wings.

Yes, the laundry room is always in a state of going, the dishwasher life span in my house is cut in half, the floors may perpetually need to be swept, and our windows covered in hand-prints... But the memories we have made as a family have made up for it all. Mom, I am grateful for you giving up leisurely days of tennis with your friends, or an independent career life to stay home and wipe noses, change diapers, and educate us kids. And Dad, I thank you so much for being the provider and protector all of us kids have always needed.

Our eleven people crew is equipped to change the world. What would life be like if Mom only had two kids? ...Boring.